Friday, May 04, 2007

Jesus called again.

Or someone who wants me to love Him.

Yes, this is the call log on my phone at work. You will imagine my surprise when I came back from lunch and saw "Love Christ" at the top of my phone. I told my secretary about it and she was just beside herself with how amazing it was. It was a great afternoon of remembering how awesome Christ is and of showing everyone else in the office that Jesus really does exist because he just called me. So there, you non-believing co-worker peeps (no I didn’t really say that).

At first I saw it as a reminder that Jesus loves me, like he had just left me a message and signed it "Love, Christ," but it was also a reminder for me to love Christ above all the other crap I tend to focus my heart and mind on. God is always working to turn my heart back to Him - even through random phone calls.

Well, a couple of days ago the secretary came running down the hall saying "Guess who called?, guess who called?" I'd forgotten about the whole "Love Christ" thing until she yelled out "Jesus!!" Man was she excited that he'd finally called her! I've been praying that God would do some work in my office and it looks like this is a start! So I'd like to thank Him for putting Mr. Love in this job, and I would like to thank this guy's mother for naming him Christopher Love, and finally I'd like to thank my place of employment for truncating names in the call log after 10 characters.

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john r said...

Oh, I see you still have an active web site. I visited your old LiveJournal site occasionally, but the last entry was in 2005. But now I noticed you left a comment in josydaisy's site with a link to this blogspot site. Yaaaay.