Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Stats about my life.

Yes, I’m a freak and I like to keep all kinds of random data on my life (actually it’s mostly all financial data, but by tracking how much I spend in different areas, I can also track the number of times I frequent certain places). So here goes:

Grocery Stores:

Last year I purchased groceries 121 times, which means I visited the grocery store (on average) once every 2.3 days. This makes me very happy because the grocery store is number 3 on my list of favorite buildings to walk into (church is 1, the library 2, mall 4, fdic 5). Giant came in first place with 48 visits and Safeway was a close second with 44. Harris Teeter took the bronze with 23.

Gas Stations:

Exxon came in first with 35 visits. Shell and Sheetz came in second and third with 13 and 10 visits respectively. If anyone is curious, I spent $1130.38 on gas last year. To be honest, this really doesn’t seem all that high considering how expensive gas was (and now is again) and that I went on an almost 6,000 mile road trip.


I made purchases at the AT and ATL a total of 17 times. I won’t tell you how much I spent :)

I only went to Wal-Mart twice which kind of makes me sad. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a fan.

I made 11 purchases at Amazon.com.

Dining Out:

I ate out at least 139 times. This is difficult to track because sometimes I’m forced to use cash when eating out with a large group. My restaurant of choice for 2006 was Subway. I went there 29 times. So far this year I have only eaten there once. I’m over the sweet onion chicken teriyaki and have moved on to Quizno’s roasted chicken honey mustard flat bread salad. Yum.


I purchased three plane tickets in 2006 (Jamaica, Seattle/Alaska, and Italy)
I purchased four train tickets (Seattle to Vancouver, and tickets between Rome/Assisi/Florence)
I stayed in 15 different hotels.


I purchased music from iTunes 27 times.

I saw 14 movies in the theater last year. I think I can name them all. They are: Rocky Balboa, the Queen, the Departed (ahhh, why did I sit through that movie???), Thank You for Smoking, Little Miss Sunshine, Talladega Nights, Stranger than Fiction (you know I love me some Will Ferrell), A Prairie Home Companion, A Good Woman, Curious George, Failure to Launch, The Benchwarmers, Akeelah and the Bee, and The Devil Wears Prada. I did not see Snakes on a Plane.

So there you have it. I'm a freak. But as Boy George says "if you knew what I knew, you'd be a freak too."


josydaisy said...

that is really funny...i really enjoyed reading the stats on your activities. it does tell a lot.

Dawn said...

It's no wonder you're my friend. I would do the same thing, but since I don't like numbers, I'd prefer to make a collage out of my recipts. (I do keep them all.)