Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another Edison Girl walks the aisle

Dawn is getting married this weekend! Huzzah! Here's the rockstar bride with her Diva bridesmaids.

We're off to NY for the wedding. Oh - and I am alive. Just forgot about the blog a little bit. As my brother would say "I blog your pardon." :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The fun has already begun.

My birthday is tomorrow, but most of my coworkers seem to think it is today. Fine by me. Two days of fun. :)

When I came into my office this morning, I saw a card on my desk that said “Ann.” Crap. It had to be from someone who knows me well enough to know it’s my birthday, but who doesn’t know me well enough to have heard me complain about receiving emails cards, diplomas… that say “Ann.” Turns out the card was from Sharon who I love to death so I didn’t mention the name spelling thing, because I have already offended her too many times in our years of working together (but she still loves me) so I decided to just forgive her and be happy and thankful for the card.

Emma (aka “Emma-lu”, “Lulu”, “E-Lu” “E” “E.R.” and probably some other names I’ve called her that I can’t think of right now) got me a two month Netflix trial subscription. Holla! The first movie on my list will be The Sterile Cuckoo with the one and only Miss Liza Minnelli. No library or video store in the area carries this movie and I have been desperate to see it for years!

Mike (aka "McPhurse" – all of my coworkers are given nicknames) stopped by to wish me happy birthday and when he came around the corner he kind of popped into my doorway and clicked his heals together and struck a little pose because that’s what I always do when I show up in his doorway to ask a question. Then he said “So… Happy Birthday!” because according to him I start every question with “So.” And I probably do.

Tonight I’ll be enjoying some fried chicken at Flavors Soul Food, tomorrow the coworkers are taking me to lunch at Bangkok 54, then it’s off to the Continental Modern Pool Lounge for a few rounds of rotation if I can convince the friends to play the best billiards game evah! Good times.