Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Conversations + Singing

My co-worker Sharon: What's up for Easter this weekend?

Me: Jesus.

The two of us singing in unison: Up from the grave he arose....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My study made the news!!

And by "My" I mean me and seven other people. :) Here's the link to an article about it in USA Today. I won't bore you with the actual paper because even I haven't read the whole thing. I tried, really I did.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I am obsessed with the color pink right now. That’s not to say that I haven’t always liked and appreciated the color, but I’ve never been one to go out of my way to buy something pink. I don’t want to appear too girlie, ya know?

Now all of that has changed and I don’t know why. I decided recently that I needed a new Nalgene so I went to REI just to pick out some blue-tinted Nalgene bottle but was so blown away by the beauty of this Camelback bottle (in pink of course) that I had to buy it.

I also recenlty changed our Intranets site at work to "Black Cherry." Now instead of a blue and grey scheme, we have sort of a redish-pink, grey/black thing going on. Whenever you scroll over a link it turns pink and this makes me happy. This is what happens when my boss gives me administrative rights to some site or database. I like to change the settings. :) He did get a couple of calls from some peeps at the Fed wondering what had happened, and although I told him I was the culprit, he just told the concerned parties that Intranets must automatically update their settings from time to time. They should just be happy that I did not choose the "Cotten Candy" color scheme.

And then there’s the camera. My camera has been acting up lately so I decided I needed to get a new one. I took one look at a pink Canon camera online and knew I had to have it. But, I went to Target last weekend and they were having a sale on this pink Sony camera, so I bought that one instead. I loved my Canon and it took some lovely pics, but since it did basically die, I decided maybe I should switch things up a bit. So far I’ve taken only a few pics with the Sony and this is what I have to show for it:

Do you think I like these shoes? Don’t worry – I also have them in brown which means I really have 4 pairs. I wear down the heals of shoes so badly that when I find some shoes that I like, I buy multiple pairs of them. Yes I’m crazy, but my shoe trouble is another post for another time. So back to pink.

I had a random camera flashback (haha) last night and remembered that my first camera was pink. I guess my parents started something when they bought me this pink camera back in the day. I found a picture of if online. Check out the “Le Clic” - the hottest camera of 1988.

Oh my gosh, I loved this camera!! I remember I took a lot of pictures of my Legos with this camera. I always knew how to entertain myself. Good times.

Now back to the 21st century. There is one pink item that has been in my life for many, many years and has traveled the world with me and has never let me down. I found it on a sale rack at the Gap on Wilson Blvd (now closed, sadness) for only $9.99. For those of you who see me on a regular basis, you probably know that I am talking about my wonderful pink hooded sweatshirt (dib, dib, dib). I wear it allllll the time! If I ever lose it or spill bleach on it or do something to harm it beyond repair, I will cry and cry and cry and then cry some more. My wardrobe would not be the same without it. So I’d like to give a little shout out on the blog to my favorite item that hangs in my closet (except not so much because I wear it all the time):

You’ve climbed the ceiling with me at our hotel in France:
You’ve participated in wedding rehearsals with me:
You look lovely when paired with a white bow in the hair:
You like to visit state capitals with Liz and I: (who knows what capitol building this is??)
You helped me say goodbye to my little red car:
You still fit when I was looking a little bit chubby on a visit to Switzerland in 2004:
You walked on the moon with me (Craters of the Moon in Idaho, that is):
You served as my pink for the Apple Blossom festival a couple of years ago:
And you like me better with long hair. I do too. Don’t know why I always cut it.
To continue in my quest to fill my life with all things pink, I think my next move will be to buy some booty shorts that say “PINK” on the bum, and pair them with my white sequined tube top and swing by the Drafthouse to watch House Bunny. Anyone want to come with?? :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dawn says it is time to update the blog.

And she is right. I've had lots of posts running through my head but I'm too busy/lazy to update the blog. I almost wrote a post about all the old people on Facebook because it makes me happy and at the same time freaks me out. I've been chatting lately with my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Laster, who is just about the coolest person ever, and at 73, may be the oldest person on Facebook. My uncles (two in their 60's and one is his 50's) have been on Facebook for at least a year and just a few days ago I saw that PK has joined. That was just about too much for me to handle, but I guess he wants to keep an eye on his flock. :)

Let's see, I've also been trying to figure out how I can join the Redskins Marching Band. Right now I think that would be the greatest thing ever.

I saw a promo on TV the other day that said that Ellen would be calling Gladys again. I wasn't home to watch it, but I did go back and watch the funniest TV moment ever on Youtube. Please watch this clip. You will not be sorry. "Listen, I'll be honest with you. I love Jesus but I drink a little. "

Besides working until all hours of the night on bank stuff every few weeks, Liz and I decided to take up soap wrapping again. Our house has been a mess and the soap smell is sometimes too much for me to handle, but the check that Jean Ann wrote me on Sunday will go toward my new camera that I hope to buy in the next couple of weeks. I totally want to get the pink one. Going to Michigan with Kandi in a few weeks so hopefully I'll post some pics from my new pink camera!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Baltimore aquarium and hoping that the boyfriend does not break up with me there. Thinking about the aquarium always brings back memories of a trip I took there in the 8th grade where my boyfriend at the time broke up with me in the rain forest. Not cool. I had to watch him talking to other girls throughout the entire ride back to Winchester. I was even looking super cute that day. I remember I was wearing my favorite green-ish plaid shirt from Gap Kids, because I totally wore clothes from Gap Kids and Limited Too well into high school.

And one final bit of randomness: I like this article about Obama's stinky plane. :)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Check the rhyme

This is why I love Beth Moore:

Deeper Still - Joyful 2 from on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If you're in the mood for some fun

Chair Bair's press conference is on in 15 minutes!

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's because we don't want your autograph, Mr. Spitz.

Just saw this headline on the front page of yahoo.com and I had to laugh. I went to a conference one time where Mark Spitz was the keynote speaker and he basically talked about himself and his opinion on the Iraq war the entire time and I sat at my table and gave him the evil eye because he was annoying me. Later in the evening, Mr. Spitz was signing autographs and the friend I was with wanted to get one. So he got in line and I stood off to the side and continued to give Mark Spitz the evil eye. A minute or two goes by and Mr. Spitz looks over at me and says "Don't be shy. Come up here and get an autograph" and I said very bluntly "I don't want your autograph" and then he said "Wait! You're that girl from table 23 who kept giving me the evil eye during my speech!" and I said "Yes, that was me."

Ok - so that last line about the evil eye didn't happen and I may or may not have been sitting at table 23, but if it had gone down that way, that would have been funny. Mark Spitz actually just looked at me like he must not have heard what I said, and I just stayed planted in my spot until my friend got the autograph.

On another note, I've spent the entire day whining to my boss Alan that I'm way too busy and how am I going to get everything done this week and stop sending me emails and bleh, bleh, bleh. Then on my way up to the cafeteria, I run into one of the women quoted in this article on Drudge. I thought it was pretty funny because I'd just read the article earlier that day. We exchange some small talk and then I go on my merry way. Three hours later, the big boss (Alan's boss) comes into my office saying he got a call from said women who this very day was quoted in an article linked on Drudge, and she would like some of my time. Ahh!!! Thankfully big boss was smart enough to say "not this week" but gosh!! Will the busyness ever end???

And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Before I had this blog, I had another blog over at livejournal.com. A couple of weeks ago I found the old blog and had quite a laugh reading my old posts. I thought I'd share a few (or maybe just one) with you all since most of my current readers did not read the old blog.

This post was written on September 29th, 2005. I was a wee lass of just 26. I think Paige tagged me to do this one. I've added some commentary in red to see how the responses have changed.

Title: Fun things to do while on a conference call:

Three Names You Go By
1. Anne (yep)
2. Annie Beepers (yep)
3. beeps (sometimes)

Three Parts of Your Heritage
1. English (yep)
2. English (yep)
3. More English (yep)

Three Things That Scare You
1. Sushi (eh - kinda)
2. Relationships (Not so much. But marriage? That's another story)
3. Elephants (Of course. Just try to get me to come outside when the elephants go by at Apple Blossom - not gonna happen.)

Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. Cornflakes (http://members.aol.com/EllenRigbe/flake.html) (oh yes!)
2. Chap stick (now it's Burt's. And I can survive a whole day without it!)
3. Brownie mix (everyday?? well, on average only every 5th day)

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Red shirt (green shirt)
2. Dark Grey pants (black pants)
3. watch (no watch, but now earrings)

Three of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (at the moment)
1. Liza Minnelli (now and forever my favorite) (eh - I'm in an off-Liza season right now.)
2. Dave Crowder (hmm...how about Mutemath?)
3. Elton John (digging JET at the moment.)

Three Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love)
1. Humor (one half smart/clever, one half silly) (yep)
2. Bi-weekly watching of musicals (DVDs or live on stage) (I'm doing ok without this actually)
3. Inside jokes (yep)

Two Truths and a Lie (I'm confused because all three of these were true back in 2005. Oh well!)
1. I’m related to George Bush (and about 20 other presidents)
2. I have never eaten at Taco Bell (had my first Taco Bell experience about 6 months ago and I rather enjoyed it!)
3. I have a mad crush on Snoop Dogg (it's probably still there somewhere deep inside.)

Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to You (in order)
1. Smile (yep, along with a love for Arrested Development)
2. Jesus like-ness (yep, especially when you add to that a love for Arrested Development)
3. Hottness (always nice, but a person becomes much hotter in my eyes when they love Arrested Development)

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. Tap dancing/fantasizing about tap dancing on Broadway (Pilates - tap teacher moved away)
2. Watching old movies (watching any movies)
3. Going to the Library (taking walks)

Three Things You want to do really badly right now
1. Make out (should the right guy come along.) (I will forever want to do this.)
2. Buy a BMW (Over it.)
3. Go to Ann Taylor loft (I do have a coupon...)

Three Places You Want to Go
1. Greece (yep)
2. Africa (yep)
3. Florida (been there -now maybe the Great Wall of China?)

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. Have a husband and kids (yep)
2. Visit all 50 states and all 7 continents (I'll do the 50 but not so sure about the continents)
3. tell tons of people how great Jesus is (yep)

Three Ways that you are stereotypically a Chick/Guy
1. I want to have babies (not as sure about the babies but I told my SG a couple of weeks ago that I felt ready to look cool pushing around a stroller.)
2. I like to buy clothes (yep)
3. I say too much before I get to the point (most definitely still true.)

Three people I would like to see take this quiz
1. Paige (except she already did) (Rachel)
2. Dawn (Michael)
3. Alan (Christine)

Well there you have it. It seems like not a lot has changed, but then again, so much has changed!! I'll have to re-post this in 2011 and see what's going on in my life when I'm 32!

This is what happens when you take the map off your wall.*

I tried to look up where a bank was located and when the results came up, I stared at the letters "NE" for a good 60 seconds trying to figure out what they meant. My brain kept telling me "New England is not a state!" I was seriously about to report an issue in our issues database explaining that the "State" field should only return results for real, live states (because "New England is not a state!") but then the words "Cornhusker" and "Osborne" popped into my head and it was all better.

*I took the map off the wall in my office so I could teach Emma to do a headstand after she made the following statement about what she wanted out of life: "Not a husband, just a headstand."

The Best Feeling

Driving away from the reception site as fast as you want because your car is filled with empty cake boxes. Congrats Seth and Lyndsay!!