Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MTM and Comp Time

How much do I love Kandi right now? You’ll find out when I tell you about my day yesterday.

7:45-3:00: BORING!!

3:01: Kandi sends text: “Oprah today is the cast of Mary Tyler Moore.”

3:16: Something in me tells me to check my cell for messages. See text from Kandi. Sad because I am not home to see MTM.

3:18: Realize I have comp time left over from my training course. Visit wmata.com to check bus schedule. Bus leaves Rosslyn at 3:45. Perfect!

3:20: Tell Alan I am rollin out. Submit leave request and pack up junk.

3:23: Walking out of FDIC.

3:30: On platform at Farragut West. Train arriving in two minutes.

3:38: Climbing the fourth longest escalator in the world (I made that up) at Rosslyn.

3:39: Out of breath and riding the rest of the way up.

3:40: Bus waiting outside of station.

3:45: Bus leaves Rosslyn with me on it.

3:57: Sitting in front of TV waiting for Oprah and MTM.

4:00: Oh Happy Day!!

4:59: Off to grocery store to buy brownie mix. What better way to wrap up an hour with the cast of the MTM show!

Friday, May 16, 2008

I think I’ll never blog again.

Well not really – I just haven’t been in the typing mood lately. I’ve had lots of fun things going on and I’ve written some funny posts in my head, but up until now, I haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and update this darn blog.

So let’s see – what’s happened in the last month?

1. A couple of weekends ago I kid-sat for my coworkers 3 girls. We’ve had many a crazy weekend together over the years, and this one was by far the best. I think age is a great thing! They don’t whine nearly as much. We made it to every event basically on time - soccer practice (Jilly), soccer game (Maddy was the MVP!), crew practice (Becca), crew regatta (Becca), girl scouts (Maddy), slumber party (Becca) choir practice (Jilly), church (M&J) and softball game (M&J). And somewhere in the middle of all that I was able to take a shower and walk the dog. We had a little downtime on Saturday afternoon so I put two of the girls to work washing my car. That’s what any good sitter would do, right?

My car has made its blog debut! Maddy was very excited about the new car. When she saw it she yelled out “no more cranky windows!” (they were fascinated by the manual windows on my old car because they had never seen them before).

2. My friends Eboni and Anthony celebrated their one year anniversary last week, and they reported back that their wedding cake was mighty tasty after spending a year in the freezer. Actually, Eboni told me that Anthony was not at all happy when he found out they were having old wedding cake for dessert, but after they’d each had a piece and Eboni was about to throw the rest away, Anthony said “What you doin, woman? I want to eat more of that cake!”

3. I think my coworker JJ might actually be human and not a robot. In our staff meeting this week he ate some M&M’s. Trust me, this is a big deal!

4. I’ve had many funny interactions with my coworkers lately. The first is with Ed:

Ed: Have you updated the database with the latest failure?

Me: No. I’ll get it done by Friday.

Ed: Well, I don’t really care. Who uses this data anyway?

Me: Your Mom.

Ed: Oh right - she was really mad that you didn’t have the database updated for Mother’s Day.

And this one with my boss Alan:

Me: You rejected me!

Alan: Hahaha…you should’ve seen it coming!

Me: I like to hope…

Alan: It’s hopeless.

And conversations with Emma always make for a good time (English is her second language). We love to keep track of Emma-isms around here.

Me: I think I look fat in that picture.

Emma (completely serious): No, I think your computer has fat resolution.

Me (cracking up): Uh…what??

Emma: It’s true!! Some computers have fat resolution and some have long skinny resolution! Fat resolution is common one!

5. I’ve listened to Weezer’s new song The Greatest Man That Ever Lived about 19 times this morning. If I wrote a song, I’d want it to be just like this – a little mix of hymn, rap, rock, alternative, and spoken word. And then I'd want the Liza of 1974 (when her voice was awesome) to sing it.

6. I’ve had a really good time with my banks this quarter, but I’ve obviously made it very clear to all of the section chiefs in our division that I do not want to do any extra work related to banks and their call reports. This email went out from another Ed (the call report chief) this morning and it made me happy, even though it probably makes me look like a slacker:

“I would expect that there will be sufficient downtime during the conference for you to be able to check messages and respond to urgent matters during the week so that nothing falls through the cracks. If you REALLY need someone to call a banker back and handle something for you, you can call Anne and ask her to follow-up for you. Please do NOT leave Anne’s name or number on your voicemail message.”

Yeah – that’s about it for now. Check ya later!