Sunday, April 29, 2007

With a Gentle and Quiet Spirit

Last night I went out to dinner with a few friends and had a great meal at an Italian restaurant in Clarendon. Afterwards, we went back to the church to listen to some tunes and I let out the faintest burp - at least, I barely heard it. Now, I'll admit that I'm a burper. Growing up, my mom would always get upset with me because I loved to burp at the dinner table. And the more it upset her, the more fun it was for me to burp even more (I was such a pleasant child).

Anyway, back to last night: so I burp. Then my friend turns to me and says, "Wow Anne, did you just burp??" and I say, "I guess so." Then he says "That was a very nice burp. You really burp with a gentle and quiet spirit."

Now, I don't think Peter was referring to a woman's burping skills when he said that her beauty should come from a gentle and quiet spirit, but I say, if a gal's got to burp, that's the way she should do it :)

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josydaisy said...

hahaha...that's great. That's really funny. Thanks for sharing Miss Anne.