Monday, April 14, 2008

I kid you not.

Tambourine girl (Neko Case) for the New Pornographer's was sick tonight and did not perform at the concert! I think I've mentioned before that one of my life goals is to be tambourine girl for the NP's. It was like a sign from God that I should go up on the stage and fill in for her. Unfortunately, I'm all talk and I just stood in the crowd fake playing my fake tambourine.

Since Neko wasn't there, they didn't sing a lot of my fav songs ("Go Places", "Myriad Harbor", "Mutiny, I Promise You") but they did sing "Challengers" which just about killed me. I love that song, and lately I haven't been able to move past that song on my NP's CD. Best line: "Whatever the mess you are, you're mine, okay." (Thanks Rachel for pointing that one out to me!)

Here it is:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Dawn and Dave Wedding

I've promised some of you that I'd post pics from Dawn and Dave's wedding and here they are. The wedding was great, btw. Best part - D and D's first dance. They danced to "For Me and My Gal" sung by the one and only Mary Lou (Dawn's Mom) with many of the guests singing along. You know I was singing because hello - Judy Garland!! Love this song! Unfortunately, I was in the process of changing my camera setting from pic to video and missed the first 20 seconds of the dance, so hopefully Dawn has video of the whole thing somewhere.

Here's D and D with the flower girls (super cute, except for the fact that Helen, the older one, told me "TO DIE!")

And here's the Edison Girls v1.2: Liz, Kate, Dawn, Courtney and Anne. Man did we have some good times. The Edison House was (and still is) famous. I'll blog about it some day when I'm feeling nostalgic. Anybody up for some red fabric on the ceiling?

Music Makes Me Happy :)

Ok - I couldn't pass up Rachel's soundtrack meme so I decided to do it for myself.

Here’s how it works:

1. open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing
5. new question — press the next button
6. don’t lie

Unfortunately, I have to admit to having one song in my shuffle that I really did not want to include in this list. But I've got to follow the rules, so here goes. I also decided to add my favorite line from each song because it's often one line that pulls me in!

Opening Credits: "Sweetest Thing" - U2. This song makes me happy (it's in my top 5 love songs list). I know Rachel will be happy to see this as part of the soundtrack. Best line - "I wanted to run but she made me crawl."

Waking up: "Oh God Where Are You now? (In Pickerel Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?)" - David Crowder. Appropriate. Calling on God first thing in the morning. Good idea. :) Don't really have a fav line from this song - it's more of a song I'd listen to for the instrumentation.

First Day of School: "Tell Him" - Lauryn Hill. I could try for a random first day of school connection but I don't really want to. Best lines - "Let me be patient, let me be kind. Make me unselfish without being blind. Though I may suffer I'll envy it not and endure what comes cause he's all that I got and tell him..."

Falling in Love: "Open Up" - Dispatch. First of all - you all need to download some Dispatch songs because they rock. It just so happens that a song by Dispatch is #1 on my top love songs list (it's called "Out Loud"), but I can't imagine anything about the song "Open Up" relating to falling in love since the song's about someone on death row who's about to die. Oh well. Fav line: "I said relax man get off my back. I said relax man get off my back." Yeah - I love that they say it twice.

Breaking up: "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." - Sufjan Stevens. Ok - you all are going to start to wonder about my music choices. This song happens to be about a serial killer. I guess I'd break up with him too if I knew his true nature. Actually - I have a thing for guys who I briefly suspect (but then later confirm are not) serial killers. Best line - "in my best behavior I am really just like him."

Prom: "Entering Bootytown" - from the Music and Lyrics soundtrack. I kid you not I had no idea this song was in my library. I admit that I did download the entire soundtrack so I should have known, but I have never listened to this song. I'm happy it found its way into the "Prom" category though!

Life’s okay: "Dreamworld" - Rilo Kiley. I tend to do a lot of dreaming when life's just ok, so this is pretty appropriate. Best line - "You exist, when you're living in a dreamworld."

Breakdown: "I Will Glory In My Redeemer" - Sovereign Grace Worship. Oh yes I will. Fav line - "I'm satisfied in Him alone."

Driving: "Good Things" - BoDeans. I drove to this song this weekend. Takes me back to high school days. Best line - "And I say no, no, no, don't pass me over, no, no, no, don't pass me by. See I can see good things for you and I. "

Flashback: "When Your Mind's Made Up" - Once soundtrack. Flashback to last summer when I was obsessed with this movie and flash forward to next month when I'll hear this song live in concert. Best line - "So, if you ever want something then you call, call, then I'll come running."

Getting back together: "Please" - U2. Please take me back!! The title could work for this scenario, but the lyrics - not so much. I think Bono is completely done with whoever he's singing to here. Best line - "So you never knew love until you crossed the line of grace."

Wedding: "Out Loud" - Dispatch. Made the list without even trying! Will definitely play this song at my wedding (reception that is). Fav lines - "and if you were walking and heard the cold night coming would you call my name 'cause you know I'd come running... if you'd call my name out loud."

Birth of child: "My Minnesota Home" - from A Prairie Home Companion soundtrack. Maybe if the kid was born in Minnesota? Don't really have a favorite line, but I love that Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin are singing!

Final Battle: "The Way You Do The Things You Do" -The Temptations. Looks like I will be winning the final battle. Downloaded this one for Dawn and Dave's wedding soundtrack. Had to look up the lyrics but I think my fav line is "The way you swept me off my feet, you know, you could've been a broom." That's deep.

Death Scene: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings" - Barenaked Ladies with Sarah McLachlan. Best Christmas carol arrangement out there. I put it on repeat for most of the Christmas season. Love every minute of the entire song! I'd be ok with dying while listening to this although I'd always envisioned dying with Bolero playing in the background.

End Credits: "Material Girl" - Madonna. Guess that sums it up. I like stuff! (yeah - not really, but it's a fun song.) I might not be too much into stuff but I do know that "the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Awesomeness on the Internet

Can be found at Stuff Christians Like.

My favorites are:

#34 - Subtly finding out if you drink beer too.

#47 - Rooting for secret Christians on American Idol.

#95 - Fearing God will send you to Guam.

#105 - Wishing your testimony was more exciting.

#106 - The side hug