Thursday, February 28, 2008

Complete and utter randomness

In an effort to post something other than youtube videos, here are a few random moments of fun from my week:

I got into the training program I’d applied for which will eventually allow me to travel for work. I will be rollin into a city near you to shut yo bank down. Yeah, yeah! Read about it in this article on

Spending half of my Pilates class discussing the Alvin Ailey performance with my super cool Aerobix Inc teacher. She is obsessed too. I think the rest of the class was wishing we’d shut it.

Dreaming about guitar hero and seriously thinking of buying some type of game console to play it on. But then discovering that those things are freakin expensive!

Finding out from Rachel that Glen and Marketa (of Once fame) will be doing a show in Baltimore in May. If she emails me next week to tell me Band of Horses is coming to town I might just flip out.

Wishing my sister a happy birthday on the blog, although I did remember to call her this morning. Happy Birthday, sister freak!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Falling Slowly

My song won as Oscar last night! Thank goodness I turned the TV on when I did, because I had completely forgotten how obsessed I was with the Once soundtrack (and espcially the song "Falling Slowly") last summer. Go rent this movie if you haven't seen it. The music is awesome!

Last night's Oscar performance:

"When Your Mind's Made Up" (another great song)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Alvin Ailey - You rocka my soul!

Oh my goodness! Rachel, Gina and I went to see Alvin Ailey last night at the Kennedy Center. The show just kills me everytime (well, I've only seen it twice!) but it is soo good!! I told Gina last night that the Alvin Ailey performance is by far my favorite show/musical/theater/dance type of performance I've ever seen. Liza who??? I know! When Rachel and I went last year to see it I literally wanted to stay at the KC for the rest of my life and watch the whole thing over and over again. Here is a clip from "Revelations." It's random highlights of the performance and the quality is not so great, but it includes one of my favorites (Rocka My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham... how many times did that phrase go through my head last night while I was trying to fall asleep!) and one of Rachel's favorites (Fix Me Jesus).

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A tribute to the men in my life

My dad is a man of few words. Now, he’ll bust out a scene from an old Three Stooges skit at the drop of a hat (and you wonder where I get it from?) but as far as actual conversation, he just doesn’t say much. But I have to give him cred for staying on top of the latest slang. This can be evidenced in the Valentine’s day card he sent me.

It’s kind of blurry, but notice the bottom left corner. He just says “word.” He cracks me up. I started saying “word” sometime back who the heck knows when, and my Dad has stuck with it all these years. And I must admit that I still say it a lot too – especially when I talk to him. Sometimes when he’s feeling especially talkative he’ll pull out the “word to Big bird.” Classic!

My uncle on the other hand loves to talk and write and just communicate any and all the time. He gets upset because I don’t call him or email him enough. The following was written at the bottom of the letter I received from my uncle yesterday:

In case you can’t read it, it says “By the way, I am your Uncle. Older brother of your mother. We hiked on the A.T. (Appalachian Trail). Oh yes, I used to write you every week when you were in college.

Yes, it true – he sent me a letter every week while I was in college. And at the end of my four years, he compiled them all in a book called “Letters to Anne.” Pretty great. Yet I still hardly ever email. But I know I can count on the uncle to write and the Dad to make me bust out laughing super hard with just one "word." I hoping this year to get him to start saying "fo shizzle."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today I called my boss a loser.

Actually I called Alan a loser because he was blocking the printer and I needed to get my very important docs for a meeting so I said “step aside, loser.” But then he reminded me that about 3 weeks ago, he became the chief of the data strategy section and is now my boss and he will be in charge of my next performance review. He followed that up by saying “Who’s the big fat loser now, huh?”

Me, me, me :)

We are super mature here in my office.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Come on Baby Light My Fire...

was the song my dentist serenaded me with today. Last time it was "You are so beautiful, to me..." Freaks me out, but makes me laugh at the same time. He plays this oldies/easy listening station in his office and he sings along with the songs the whole time while he is working on your teeth. I appreciated it at my first few visits because I am a song singer alonger type of person and I always like when people feel comfortable just being themselves. I would totally sing along too, but he's poking at my gums until they bleed and that doesn't make for the best singing circumstances. So I just sit there and try not to choke when I force myself to hold back the laughter. Anyway, it's gotten wierd the last two times because the songs have been all love-ish and I kind of expect him to stop singing because Wierd! But he doesn't. And it doesn't seem to bother him one bit. At least when he's not singing he talks a lot about his wife and kids so I'm pretty sure he's a solid guy. So I think I'm ok with it. Just hoping "Unchained Melody" doesn't start playing during my next visit.