Monday, April 23, 2007

See you later Trav-ass-ah!

This weekend we had a going away dinner for Travis. He will be leaving us to go home to NJ for the summer and then he'll be off to law school in the fall. To show him just how much we've appreciated his friendship over the last year, the ladies decided to enhance our looks in a special way: we all wore white bows in our hair!!

At dinner a couple of months ago, the conversation turned to a small christian college where supposedly there is a group of young ladies who wear white bows in their hair as a symbol of their purity and their desire to marry a pastor-to-be. While all of us ladies were gagging during this conversation, Travis seemed to really like the idea. So we sported the white bows for him on Friday night.

Even Albert joined in on the fun, but Travis didn't quite know what to think about all that!

We'll miss you Travis and we hope that one day you will find a nice wife who likes to wear white bows in her hair.

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