Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm busy making tuna fish sandwiches as fast as I can.

Fun weekend. Last night I met Justice Alito at the John Carroll Society dinner. What a kind and unassumng man. I think I was the only non-Catholic who attended, yet I was mistaken for a high schooler who won an award for her essay "Why I'm a Catholic." Supposedly, at 28, I was the youngest looking person in the room and so the presenter of the award assumed I must be the recipient. I told her I would gladly accept the award if high school chick never showed up :) but alas, she did, and she got to go home with $1000.

I attended the dinner as the blind date of a friend of one of my coworkers. Very nice guy, but all I could think of the whole time was how much he looked like Jimmy Olsen of Superman fame and I'm definitely the kind of girl who's attracted to the Superman himself. Oh well.

BTW - the title of the post was a line spoken by one of my friends tonight. It's kind of an inside joke, but I cracked up so much when I heard that I had to include it in the post somewhere so as not to forget.

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