Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Hair is Back!!

Praise the Lord Jesus!! I have been having hair drama for the last month and a half. It all started the last time I got my hair colored. I decided I'd ask my hairdresser Fabi to give me some bangs. It seemed like bangs were in lately and I have to do everything I can to keep my cool factor up. So I described to her how I didn't want them too short and how I wanted them to sweep across my forehead and she seemed to totally understand. Then she started cutting. From the looks of it, I thought she had everything under control. My fear had been her cutting them too short, but that didn't seem to be a probem. Well, when all the blow drying and poofing was said and done, I had this big ol' mess of bangs that went more than half way back into my head. Ahh!! It was freakish!! My hair is pretty long, so it looked like mega bangs on top and then long straight hair below. Just a mess. So I've warn my hair back everyday since then and I don't look hideous with the hair back but I'm just not a fan. I could no longer take it anymore so this week I visited a salon recommended to me by one of my small group girls. I just have to say that Daniel at Subairi Salon in Dupont Circle is a genius. He was able to blend that bang mess into the rest of my hair, and pull off some shorter layers without me looking like Carol Brady (one of my biggest hair fears). I am happy and I'm wearing my hair down. Thank you Daniel.

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