Monday, June 02, 2008

Home again home again jiggity jig

Just got back from Idaho and Oregon. The trip was fun but it totally wore me out! I told Liz I was giving up the whole 50 by 30 thing and not going to Hawaii. Seriously. Long plane rides are no fun and 49 states is plenty!!

Whenever I get back from a trip I put a pin in each of the states I’ve visited on the map on the wall in my office. I started to put the ID and OR pins in today, but then I realized I’m moving to a new office next week. I’ve messed up many an FDIC wall over the years with my pin holes, so I decided I’d wait and leave my old office wall with two fewer holes in it.

I was informed by an 11 year old that I need to be more organized so hopefully this move will help. One of the girls I sit for must have come to work with her mom sometime last week because when I got into the office this morning, my computer looked like this:

There were about 10 more post-it notes on my desk (on top of all the piles which I'm not posting a picture of) and one note that said: "I hope you move into your new office soon and love it. Don't forget to organize!!!! :) Love, Maddy."

I will try my best. :)

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plh said...

sorry i can't give you an excuse to go to HI but i'm glad you had a great time in OR and ID!