Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MTM and Comp Time

How much do I love Kandi right now? You’ll find out when I tell you about my day yesterday.

7:45-3:00: BORING!!

3:01: Kandi sends text: “Oprah today is the cast of Mary Tyler Moore.”

3:16: Something in me tells me to check my cell for messages. See text from Kandi. Sad because I am not home to see MTM.

3:18: Realize I have comp time left over from my training course. Visit wmata.com to check bus schedule. Bus leaves Rosslyn at 3:45. Perfect!

3:20: Tell Alan I am rollin out. Submit leave request and pack up junk.

3:23: Walking out of FDIC.

3:30: On platform at Farragut West. Train arriving in two minutes.

3:38: Climbing the fourth longest escalator in the world (I made that up) at Rosslyn.

3:39: Out of breath and riding the rest of the way up.

3:40: Bus waiting outside of station.

3:45: Bus leaves Rosslyn with me on it.

3:57: Sitting in front of TV waiting for Oprah and MTM.

4:00: Oh Happy Day!!

4:59: Off to grocery store to buy brownie mix. What better way to wrap up an hour with the cast of the MTM show!

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