Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girl breaks nose while watching Full House

Most of you readers know exactly what the title of this post is referring to, but for those of you who don't, it's time that I fill you in on my unfortunate nose breaking incident of 1995. This moment in my life has come up many times in the last several months, so it may as well be out there for the world to read about on the interweb.

Obviously you all know I love to dance. And a lot of you know that I spent a great deal of my childhood and teen years watching musicals and memorizing the dances. Then I would perform them for my sister and her boyfriends. One boyfriend at a time, of course. Don't go getting the wrong idea about my sister.

Anyway, I loved the show Full House and there happens to be an episode all about Stephanie and her dreams of becoming a dancer. The final scene is Stephanie's dance recital where she dances to the song "Motown Philly" (loved this song, btw). One afternoon (I'm pretty sure it was a Wednesday - why do I remember that?) I'm at home watching TV and this episode of Full House comes on. Of course I jump up off the couch and start dancing along with Stephanie and her "advanced modern" class. :) At some point (probably during the line "kickin' it just for you...") I kick my leg up while simultaneously flinging my head down. And this is when my knee slams into the bottom of my nose and Ahhhh!!! I can still hear the crack. So much pain!!! Ever since that day I've had a deviated septum which I affectionately refer to as my blood clot, because that's what it looks like to me. Don't ask.

Flash forward to today and me sitting at my desk eating lunch and trying to think of something on the Internet that might entertain me. Then it hit me - "I wonder if Stephanie Tanner's dance recital is on Youtube?" And guess what?? It is!!

There are actually quite a few people who are obsessed with the dance stylings of Stephanie Tanner which was a pleasant surprise! Unfortunately, I was only able to find one video that shows the entire "Motown Philly" dance routine and it's not the greatest (the sound is off from the picture) but it will have to do. So here you have it. My life and my nose will never be the same because of this moment in television history.

One more thing - Rachel and I just signed up for an intro to modern dance class! Watch out Stephanie!


Anonymous said...

thanx for posting that video...i remember that episode too...classic!! LOL =)

Anonymous said...

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