Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This is what happens when you take the map off your wall.*

I tried to look up where a bank was located and when the results came up, I stared at the letters "NE" for a good 60 seconds trying to figure out what they meant. My brain kept telling me "New England is not a state!" I was seriously about to report an issue in our issues database explaining that the "State" field should only return results for real, live states (because "New England is not a state!") but then the words "Cornhusker" and "Osborne" popped into my head and it was all better.

*I took the map off the wall in my office so I could teach Emma to do a headstand after she made the following statement about what she wanted out of life: "Not a husband, just a headstand."

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john r said...

Yes, NB would be a more logical abbreviation for Nebraska, but that's already taken by New Brunswick, Canada.