Monday, August 11, 2008

It's because we don't want your autograph, Mr. Spitz.

Just saw this headline on the front page of and I had to laugh. I went to a conference one time where Mark Spitz was the keynote speaker and he basically talked about himself and his opinion on the Iraq war the entire time and I sat at my table and gave him the evil eye because he was annoying me. Later in the evening, Mr. Spitz was signing autographs and the friend I was with wanted to get one. So he got in line and I stood off to the side and continued to give Mark Spitz the evil eye. A minute or two goes by and Mr. Spitz looks over at me and says "Don't be shy. Come up here and get an autograph" and I said very bluntly "I don't want your autograph" and then he said "Wait! You're that girl from table 23 who kept giving me the evil eye during my speech!" and I said "Yes, that was me."

Ok - so that last line about the evil eye didn't happen and I may or may not have been sitting at table 23, but if it had gone down that way, that would have been funny. Mark Spitz actually just looked at me like he must not have heard what I said, and I just stayed planted in my spot until my friend got the autograph.

On another note, I've spent the entire day whining to my boss Alan that I'm way too busy and how am I going to get everything done this week and stop sending me emails and bleh, bleh, bleh. Then on my way up to the cafeteria, I run into one of the women quoted in this article on Drudge. I thought it was pretty funny because I'd just read the article earlier that day. We exchange some small talk and then I go on my merry way. Three hours later, the big boss (Alan's boss) comes into my office saying he got a call from said women who this very day was quoted in an article linked on Drudge, and she would like some of my time. Ahh!!! Thankfully big boss was smart enough to say "not this week" but gosh!! Will the busyness ever end???

And yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.

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