Friday, October 10, 2008

Dawn says it is time to update the blog.

And she is right. I've had lots of posts running through my head but I'm too busy/lazy to update the blog. I almost wrote a post about all the old people on Facebook because it makes me happy and at the same time freaks me out. I've been chatting lately with my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Laster, who is just about the coolest person ever, and at 73, may be the oldest person on Facebook. My uncles (two in their 60's and one is his 50's) have been on Facebook for at least a year and just a few days ago I saw that PK has joined. That was just about too much for me to handle, but I guess he wants to keep an eye on his flock. :)

Let's see, I've also been trying to figure out how I can join the Redskins Marching Band. Right now I think that would be the greatest thing ever.

I saw a promo on TV the other day that said that Ellen would be calling Gladys again. I wasn't home to watch it, but I did go back and watch the funniest TV moment ever on Youtube. Please watch this clip. You will not be sorry. "Listen, I'll be honest with you. I love Jesus but I drink a little. "

Besides working until all hours of the night on bank stuff every few weeks, Liz and I decided to take up soap wrapping again. Our house has been a mess and the soap smell is sometimes too much for me to handle, but the check that Jean Ann wrote me on Sunday will go toward my new camera that I hope to buy in the next couple of weeks. I totally want to get the pink one. Going to Michigan with Kandi in a few weeks so hopefully I'll post some pics from my new pink camera!

Tomorrow I'm going to the Baltimore aquarium and hoping that the boyfriend does not break up with me there. Thinking about the aquarium always brings back memories of a trip I took there in the 8th grade where my boyfriend at the time broke up with me in the rain forest. Not cool. I had to watch him talking to other girls throughout the entire ride back to Winchester. I was even looking super cute that day. I remember I was wearing my favorite green-ish plaid shirt from Gap Kids, because I totally wore clothes from Gap Kids and Limited Too well into high school.

And one final bit of randomness: I like this article about Obama's stinky plane. :)

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