Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Dawn and Dave Wedding

I've promised some of you that I'd post pics from Dawn and Dave's wedding and here they are. The wedding was great, btw. Best part - D and D's first dance. They danced to "For Me and My Gal" sung by the one and only Mary Lou (Dawn's Mom) with many of the guests singing along. You know I was singing because hello - Judy Garland!! Love this song! Unfortunately, I was in the process of changing my camera setting from pic to video and missed the first 20 seconds of the dance, so hopefully Dawn has video of the whole thing somewhere.

Here's D and D with the flower girls (super cute, except for the fact that Helen, the older one, told me "TO DIE!")

And here's the Edison Girls v1.2: Liz, Kate, Dawn, Courtney and Anne. Man did we have some good times. The Edison House was (and still is) famous. I'll blog about it some day when I'm feeling nostalgic. Anybody up for some red fabric on the ceiling?

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RP said...

Hey Anne! Just discovered your blog--hurrah! Like the pics. LOVE the iTunes shuffle thing; I'm scared to try it, but suspect I now have no choice.... :)