Monday, August 13, 2007

Double the Reunion, Double the Fun!

This weekend I went down to NN for the Wiatt family reunion. This year was interesting because my uncle found some link 8 generations back to the Wyatt's with a "Y" and so they were invited for the first time! I kept seeing all these "Wyatt" name tags and was wondering what the heck was going on until Uncle Alex gave his 10 minute speech on the wonders of DNA and everybody's related to everybody and now we're inviting Wyatt's and blah blah blah. He likes to talk:)

The younger generation:

I did enjoy this picture very much. It's my uncle Tom as a young lad in 1971 next to a picture of Sir Thomas Wyatt as a young lad in 15??. Quite the resemblance. Actually, Sir Thomas ended up with his head hanging from the Tower of London soon after this portrait was made. Tom the uncle is still with us. And of course, I must highlight the moment that I wait for all year. The sing-a-long with Roberta on the concertina. This is when most of the cousins like to leave which is terribly unfortunate because what's a family reunion without a couple of rounds of Oh! Susanna and Home on the Range?

Anyway, that's enough of the crazy Wiatt clan. The surprise of the weekend was the mini reunion we had on my Dad's side. Turns out my cousin Jason and his lovely wife Melanie were taking a little road trip through VA to see my grandmother and visit the farm. And on Sunday they ventured down to NN. This was quite an exciting moment for me because I had not seen my cousin since 1991! 16 years! I didn't think I'd been alive for 16 years, but I can't argue with my parents or my birth certificate on that one so here we are.

This was such a fun weekend!! It was one of those rare (but becoming more frequent) moments when I actually wished I could spend more time with my family! I guess when you pray about something God is bound to change your heart eventually :)

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Fontaine Wiatt said...

Hello Anne.

I am William (Skip) Wyatt.

I just now happened to find/read your Blog.

I was at the 2007 reunion (and the one in 2010).

Do you have a copy of the "the Wiatt Family of Virginia, 2nd Edition" (2010) ?

I am listed on page 312. Look at page 296 for an explanation of who we are.

My family used to spell our name W-i-a-t-t.

My great-grandfather was Edgar Fontaine Wiatt.

He named his five sons with the W-y-a-t-t spelling. That’s why we now have that ‘funny’ way of spelling our last name.

Edgar’s brothers kept it W-i-a-t-t.

Many of my cousins still live in Virginia.

We are also related to you in other directions via other Virginia families.

Best wishes.