Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, the car didn't break down...

But I did lock the keys in it! That was definitely a highlight of the trip :) I basically lock my keys in the car every time I'm in a valet/leave your keys in the car garage situation. Since I don't have automatic locks, I'm so used to pushing down the lock as I close the door. And the funny thing is that I'm telling myself in my head "don't lock the door, don't lock the door." Oops. Of course, I did have my other set of keys but they were in my backpack in the trunk.

Anyway, we spent the day on Cape Cod, and took the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard. MV is great! Just being there made me happy. I kept thinking about how fun it would be to come to a place like this sometime in the future with some friends and our families and rent a couple of houses and just hang out and eat at fun restaurants and stroll around the island.

Liz and I decided to take a sightseeing tour around the island which was scheduled to start at 2 and last for 2.5 hours. And it ended right at the dock so we figured we'd hop on the 5 pm ferry and head back to the mainland and then drive to Hyannis for dinner. Well, the 2pm tour did not leave until 2:30 and it lasted 3.5 hours, and left us jumping off the bus in the rain to catch (just barely) the 6pm ferry back. And the tour guide was crazy! But that's another story for another time. And we ran into Josh and Naomi King (Pastor's King's son and DIL) on MV which will drive my sister crazy because I run into people everywhere I go. And she never sees anyone she knows anywhere.

So we made it back to the ferry, which arrived back on Cape Cod around 7. We drove off to Hyannis, and called the restaurant on the way and made an 8:30 reservation. We planned to eat at the Rhodeside Cafe recommended by Rachael Ray in her $40 a day book. I planned to pull into the parking lot and brush my hair and fix myself up a bit since we'd been running around an island all day long and we'd gotten caught in some pretty heavy rain. But when we pulled in the parking lot, the valet boys ran over to the car and start opening the doors for us to hop out. I think I first annoyed them by asking if I could park myself. Of course, they said no, so then I told them I needed to brush my hair so they would have to hold on just a sec. Sorry boys, the hair is important and you may as well learn that lesson now if you are ever married someday. They sort of rolled their eyes, but I just smiled. This is when my brain reminded me not to lock my keys in the car. But 10 seconds later I just threw my brush into the back seat and hopped out and shut the door, then followed that up with an "oh, crap" when I realized Liz had just shut (and locked) her door as well.

Hehe. I thought it was pretty funny, because it's such a me thing. The valet boys were not that amused. The car was sitting almost in the middle of the parking lot, but not in such a way that they couldn't get other cars out around it. So in a small way I did them a favor. But we called AAA and the guy came within 30 minutes. He shimmied this string thing through my door and popped the lock. Then I told him I loved him which I think freaked him out just a bit so he was like "sorry lady, I'm married." But I was just happy that he'd saved the day! And the valet boys were happy to have us out of their way!

By 9pm we were in the restaurant and had a wonderful meal. And when we came out, we didn't have to remind valet boy which car belonged to us. Thankfully, the slightly nicer (and cuter) valet boy was the one that pulled our car around and we gave him a nice fat tip. Hopefully he will remember this night fondly like I will.

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john r said...

Hmmm, you go to Martha's Vineyard and just happen to meet Josh & Naomi, amazing.